Scholars' Testimonials

I will remember the days that I was able to pass in this academy with much esteem and respect, with great joy, with an immense desire to return; and I will not cease to proclaim that there still exists a place in which true humanitas — in the fullest sense of the word — is cultivated.

Kurt Smolak, University of Vienna

Here the best of letters united with humanitas, which almost everywhere seem to languish and grow stiff with mold, amazingly flourish, come again to life, rediscover their vigor; here the eager youth is led by the hand not to pedantry but into the sanctuary and inner parts of the greatest arts and to true love of wisdom.

David Morgan, Furman University, South Carolina.

I hold this extraordinary school in the highest regard, a place that reveals our common European roots and those fonts whence the whole human race can partake of true humanitas. Everything accomplished in this Academy contributes immensely to the education of the young students; and not only to their instruction in languages, but also — something far and way more important — to their appreciation of human and cultural matters. I had almost lost every hope for Europe and for humanitas; but since I have come to know this Vivarium Novum, I have conceived a new and splendid hope. For you have established something earnest and truly good, which I hope may become not only the beginning of a new era for the rebirth of letters, but also the origin of a new and more prosperous human culture.

Michael von Albrecht, University of Heidelberg

All of the activities of Vivarium Novum seem to me a luminous sign of humanitas; we have long sensed the need for its return.

Wolfgang Schibel, Università di Mannheim

For the kindness and affability with which men and women of culture are magnificently welcomed at Vivarium Novum, for the diligence with which the Latin language is cherished there and the adolescents and young students are aided, for every effort to promote humanitas, I would like to express sincere gratitude from the bottom of my heart.

Milena Minkova, University of Kentucky

You have bestowed upon the minds of the students immense gifts, greater than can be imagined. Those who direct this Vivarium Novum provide us with an unreachable example, which nevertheless we aspire to imitate. My own life has been privileged and enriched since I first came to know the Academy.

Bohumila Mouchová, University of Prague

I will always remember all that the advocates and collaborators of Vivarium Novum prepared with such dedication, such alacrity, such skill, so auspiciously and carried through to such a fortunate result.

Andreas Fritsch, Free University of Berlin

The Academy Vivarium Novum produces a continuous stream of true miracles. Those who share in the fervor of the initiatives undertaken by this institution, cannot help but come away with a profound sense of gratitude, catch fire from that spark that the school ignites within, and transform it into fuel for the new fires which all desire to kindle in their own countries. Knowledge of this reality reminds us of the immense value of an excellent education; this academy and the youths that come out of it provide a marvelous model of such an education.

Dirk Sacré, Catholic University of Leuven

You have devised an unprecedented program; you have taken on a great challenge; you have undertaken a giant task, inviting people from every part of the world and from every nation to share in your project: the joining of forces dedicated to Latin and to liberal arts. Know that I now finally appreciate — led forward by your example — how strongly desired and how eagerly expected this academy of Mnemosyne reaches scholars and people of culture throughout the world, and how great are the benefits that it can bring, and what fruits such an institution can produce. May the precious teachings of the ancients no longer be spurned; may they be diligently cherished before that blessed Mnemosyne which you welcome and uphold. Therein lies the wisdom for which we all — as individuals and as a whole — yearn.

Barnhard Teuber, University of Monaco

I am always mindful that I have never before encountered something so full of humanity, so ingenious, so pleasant, even delightful. I appreciated everything immensely; everything contributed to sharpen the mind, to animate the spirit, to open the heart, to nourish the body. Everything was truly a delight!

Fidel Raedle, University of Göttingen

You have placed a true milestone for Latin of the third millennium.

Francesco Piselli, University of Parma