The campus of the academy is located in Frascati near Rome. Many students are able to be accepted and housed on the spacious and ample premises every year. Pleasant gardens surround the complex which is equipped with everything the school requires: a large number of rooms to accommodate the students, vast lounges, an auditorium and classrooms, a library of circa forty thousand volumes, computers and audiovisual instruments, kitchens and a large dining room.

Community Life

Teachers and students alike contribute freely towards the realization and cultivation of a harmonious community spirit based upon the values of humanities and culture, viewing these values as a force that can refine the spirit and produce a powerful moral tension. The students push themselves - however much is possible - to resist those pressures that lead to egoism and excessive individualism; they strive to free themselves from slavery to the fashions and tendencies of the mainstream; they attempt to consider everything in the light of reason and to follow only that which shows itself to be good, just, true, beautiful, capable of perfecting and bettering individuals and, through them, all of society. In this way the young students begin to understand that we not only live in a certain era of history but that we are that era and that we have the opportunity to transform it through our diligence. To say it with Saint Augustine: nos sumus tempora: quales sumus, talia sunt tempora. The Academy is therefore a place where it is possible to try out a different way of living. Modes and tendencies of the moment are not seen as indisputable authorities to be accepted passively; rather, they are tirelessly subjected to rational analysis and cohesive argumentation.

The students who live in the Academy play various sports. They also practice photography, theater, classical music and enjoy games of intelligence such as chess.


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