Hellenike Synousia (11 - 20 July 2022).

The Vivarium novum Academy is organizing a reading seminar on Ancient Greek from the 11th of July to the 20th of July.

Twenty-five scholarships are available for this program, so that the selected students may spend time together reading and conversing in Ancient Greek for a span of 10 days in the serene atmosphere of the Villa Falconieri.

These classes are intended for those who have finished the first and second modules of the online Greek classes with us, as an encouragement and stimulus for further study. Apart from the daily lectures on the second volume of Athenaze, we also intend to read sections from various epic, lyric and tragic poets, historians, philosophers, biblical texts and medieval fables.

To apply for the program, we request you:

  1. to write to us a short letter in Ancient Greek, on any topic of your choice, without the use of a dictionary or a grammatical book.

  2. to send us a copy of your ID card/Passport to corsi@vivariumnovum.net.

  3. to fill the form enclosed below.

The deadline for application is the 13th of June. The application results will be declared to each student by the 20th of June via email.

The Academy will provide for the classes, boarding, curricular excursions and overall accommodation of the selected students from the 11th of July to the 20th of July, 2022. Travel expenses (to and from Rome) are not part of the scholarship.

We look forward to spending our summer with you, and to seizing the occasion to delve deeper into humanistic studies, together, in our Academy.

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